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Got 1st Page Rankings For High Competition Keywords and with ZERO BACKLINKS
Wouldn't be awesome if Thousands of People around the world will work to improve Your Google Rankings ? It's now possible! Our SEO Army will search Your Website On Google based on Your Specific Keywords.
Rank Higher on the search engines
Forget Backlinks!!
Dwell Time is the Ranking Factor #1 ! Start to improve your Google Ranking by optimizing the Google Ranking Factor #1!
Discover the Dwell Time SEO Optimization ZERO Backlinks, No Blackhat, No Negative SEO, No Press Release and it is 100% Working! Dwell Time SEO Optimization Our SEO Army will search Your Website On Google based on Your Specific Keywords.
SEO Army?! Searching my Website On Google!?
Internet Marketing Research
SEO Secret Never Revealed A couple of years ago, we made an incredible discovery in regards to modern day SEO ideas and practices. Despite what the vast majority of webmasters currently believe, we learned that the leading Google ranking factor is in fact, DWELL TIME!

Dwell Time is an SEO Metric that calculates the time that you clicked back to search results.
It can tell a potential story about the quality.

SEO Army Ready To Improve Your Google Ranking Our team designed a system to improve the ranking on Google with a concept based on optimizing the " Dwell Time" . Our system will search your website based on your main keywords , find your site on Google , click on your link and then browse your website looking for information. We developed a software that would automate the entire process. The best part is, it looks completely natural, when you look at the raw data.

After several months of development, our software has gradually improved and we are now able to offer you an original capacity of over 300,000 Ips.
Internet Marketing Research
Dwell Time?! What is it? How to improve it?
Dwell Time
Improve your Dwell Time. Rank Higher. Dwell time is a unique metric that calculates overall user engagement, total session duration, and SERP CTRs. This data point is not publicly available (or really even understood) but is contributing factor that affects every site's, search engine results. By optimizing your Bounce Rate and your Session Duration, you can rank higher on the search engines.

Optimize Your Bounce Rate! Optimizing your Bounce Rate is now crucial if you want to improve your own Google Ranking.

HOW?! Just order a package and we will search your website on your specific keywords on Google, and then will click on your results and will visit several pages on your site. By doing so repetitively, you will force Google to reconsider the ranking of your website on your specific keywords.

Everything is 100% safe, whitehat, and VERY easy to do.
Dwell Time
Our offer can helps you to improve your Dwell Time!
Software Box
Introducing Zerobacklinks.com! ZeroBacklinks.com is a Web-based System, which allows you to enter your keywords & website so that the SEO Army Can search your site and Boost Your Rank.

Here are some of our most important features:

  • Access to over 300,000 diversified IP Addresses (from all around the world but mainly from USA, Canada or the UK)
  • Just Enter URL & Keyword
  • 100% Automated
  • 100% Google Safe
  • 100% Effective SEO Method
  • Algorithm Optimizes your Dwell Time (Bounce Rate, CTR).
How Does It Work?
1.You order Features

You order a SEO Package by providing all the details about your website: URL Address, Keywords and Email Address. The payment is safe.

2.We process Features

We will process your order by searching your website on Google on your specific keywords, clicking on your result and browsing your site.

3.You rank Features

After 2-3 weeks, your site will start to rank higher on the major search engines, depending on the competition of your keywords.

ZeroBacklinks Features Breakdown

Rank Higher in Google

Improve Your Google Rankings.

By focusing on the specific keywords that your website is ranking for, our system will navigate through your website, clicking internal links and spending a significant amount of time getting to know your site. After a few weeks, Google will acknowledge the increased traffic as organic and thus modify your rankings to reflect the level of activity that the data has shown them.

Unique Ip Addresses.

Our system uses a thousands of unique Ips addresses. By Using thousands of unique Ips addresses, we guarantee that Google will consider the natural searches on its search engine as natural and therefore original searches.

Rank Higher in Google
Eliminate your bounce rate

Rank Higher In Google Faster By Minimizing Your Bounce Rate.

Our SEO System spends a significant amount of time viewing every website they run across, through the Google search listing. Once they have landed on your website, they leisurely navigate your site, skim through some of the content and check out your internal links. Most “viewers” only stay on a website for about 15 or so seconds and then move on to another site. This is commonly referred to as bouncing, bouncing around or a bounce rate. Our system will spend several minutes on your site and it will gives a huge and dramatically impact that lowers your sites bounce rate. This tells search engines, like Google, that your site valuable information for readers.

Completely Google Safe.

How many times have you cringed when you heard that Google was going to release yet another update? Well, you no longer have to be afraid. With real, everyday people, going over your website, it doesn’t matter what changes Google makes. Everything is completely safe, secure and private. No one will ever know that you are using our system.

Google Panda & Penguin Safe
So What Do SEO Experts Think about "Dwell Time"?

Your Advantages

100% Efficient Method.

The goal of this SEO method is to rank your websites up by improving your website's usage metrics (by increasing click-throughs from SERPs, increasing the time spent on site/page, and increasing visitor browsing rates,...).

Zero Stress.

No Stress. No software to install. You can simply order a package from our website, and we will take care of the rest. Our system will process your order very fast. You can even track the processing of your order from your customer panel.

24/7 Support.

Our dedicated Technical Support Team will be more than happy to assist you if you have any questions regarding our service. Our Technical Support Team is always on hand to help you, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

100% Money Back Guarantee From as low as $50, you can order a package that will boost your Google Rankings in just a few weeks with a new SEO Revolutionary Method! What are you waiting for ? Order Now!
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Made by SEOs For SEOs! ZeroBacklinks.com has been funded in 2015 by YepRank Ltd. ZeroBacklinks.com is a new generation SEO service that simplify the process of ranking websites. ZeroBacklinks.com wish to provide an efficient SEO Service for Marketers.

ZeroBacklinks.com is a new SEO service that provides efficient SEO Technical to hack Google and to get good rankings on Google. Try our services if you want to improve your rankings on Google. This SEO Service is 100% Efficient.

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